In June 2019, the Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti (EZA) launched a professional training programme for brewers and maltsters, in collaboration with the Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, through a Dual Training system at its facilities in Atalanti. Focusing on the most modern and sustainable production processes, the Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti train the new generation of beer producers, aiming to foster the development of skilled and environmentally sensitive professionals. The young brewers make their beer with love, care and respect for the environment.

The Dual Training system has been implemented in Greece since 2013 for tourism related and technical professions. For the first time, the “Brewer – Maltster” speciality has a course of its own through EZA’s innovative 3-year programme.

As part of the programme, participants are trained based on the Dual Training model, which combines theoretical knowledge with in-company apprenticeships.

It is an important initiative that provides students with all the theoretical knowledge required, while at the same time the programme includes practical application under real working conditions in a Greek brewery.

EZA’s Dual Training programme lasts three years. After the first two years, the Intermediate Certification Examinations take place, while after the third year, the students’ Certification Examinations are carried out. The assessment is conducted at EZA’s facilities in Atalanti by a Specialised Committee, and students receive a Dual Professional Training certificate recognised by the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), which is issued by the Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In May 2021, the first stage of the Dual Training programme was successfully completed. EZA’s students were assessed in three units as part of the Intermediate Certification Examinations, they were required to answer questions based on the curriculum, while they were examined under real working conditions at the EZA facilities. All programme participants successfully completed the first stage and the results were announced on the same day in the presence of Mr Athanasios Syrianos, President of the Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti, and of representatives from the General Confederation of Greek Workers (KANEP/GSEE).

A significant advantage for students of the Dual Training programme of the Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti is the remuneration received and the provision of insurance coverage. Upon completion of their course, they can include a recognised certification and substantial work experience in their curriculum vitae, pursuing jobs throughout Europe, where there are more than 9,000 breweries with 120,000 direct jobs.

The first cycle of the Dual Training programme was completed in June 2022 and the first participants graduated with the title of Brewer-Maltster.