The people behind the Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti (EZA) are the company’s real assets and its heart. At the Hellenic Breweries of Atalanti we are all one team and we move forward together. Along with the 160 remarkable professionals who make up our human resources, every day we work with enthusiasm, eagerness and passion to create a beer of excellent quality for our customers. All of us at EZA, share the same values and the same vision, and we are committed to achieving our goals by collaborating effectively.

We create an inclusive culture with equal opportunities for all. We promote growth, both on a collective and an individual level, by actively supporting the cultivation of our employees’ skills and abilities. We continuously invest in career development programs that include seminars, participation in conferences and industry events. At the same time, we train the new generation of brewers through the innovative “Dual Training” programme in collaboration with the Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Through ongoing inspections and improvements of all our facilities, we ensure a safe, functional and efficient working environment.

We have faith in our people and support them substantially, through a fair, meritocratic and competitive system of remuneration and benefits, incentive programmes, bonuses, insurance coverage, entertainment and other additional benefits.

Finally, EZA’s employees help to promote its corporate social responsibility, through their participation and the support they provide to various social – charitable activities organised by the company.