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The name “Gulden Draak” refers to the golden dragon statue located at the top of the Ghent Belfry. Legend has it that the dragon decorated the bow of the ship of the Norwegian prince Sigrid Magnusson during the 1111 crusade. The statue remains on the Ghent Belfry to date, as a symbol of the city’s freedom and power. Gulden Draak is a high-quality beer, following the double fermentation process. In the second fermentation, the unique wine yeast from the Bordeaux region is used, which gives Gulden Draak its unparalleled taste. Despite its strong nature, it is a beer that is really easy to drink. It can be aged for up to 2 years.

TYPE of BEER Double Fermented Strong Dark Ale
COLOUR – APPEARANCE Dark caramel- red
FOAM Rich, dense, creamy, long-lasting
AROMA Roasting malt & coffee
TASTE Rich body with chocolate and caramel notes
INGREDIENTS Barley malt, sugar, hop, yeast, water