• Attentiveness to the recipe

At the Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti we have our own, unique and original recipes, which we combine with prime ingredients from the Greek land. Our beers are born in our homeland, from our people, who have been creating them for 30 years guided by their inspiration and talent. With a production process that lasts more than 21 days, we give our beers the time they need to mature and acquire their flavours and unique aromas. With elements from every corner of the Mediterranean, each beer we produce expresses the culinary culture and the unique history of our homeland.
  • Authenticity in taste

The enjoyment of beer is a matter of utmost importance for us at the Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti. Our passion and love for good beer led us to the decision to make beer the way we want it to be. We did not use ready-made recipes, but we were inspired by our homeland and its unique raw materials, we utilised the knowledge and experience of our experts and made our own original and authentically delicious Greek beers. At the Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti we want to produce truly Greek beer, honouring the tradition of the brewing industry and embellishing it with the unique elements of Greek and Mediterranean gastronomy.
  • Pride in quality

In our beers, we use prime varieties of hops and malt, which stand out for their quality and unique characteristics. So our beers have rich flavour and aroma, which come together harmoniously, and are extremely clear with dense and long-lasting head – features that are the result of the natural method of their production and the time we devote to each stage of the process. The meticulous and intensive quality checks performed by our well-trained scientific personnel as well as the daily final approval by specialised connoisseurs who taste and evaluate the quality of our beer ensure that each beer bottle contains all the authentic quality and taste of the Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti.
  • Trust in our employees

Trust in our people is the most important asset and the driving force of the Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti. Our employees possess talent, skills and experience; they truly care for their work and they love beer. Exhibiting perseverance, dedication and passion, our employees give their best every day to produce good beer with care and attention to detail, and continue their unwavering efforts for constant improvement. The Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti currently employ more than 160 professionals, of various specialities.
  • Respect towards our partners

At the Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti we believe in the productive potential of our homeland and constantly aim to develop a modern business culture with respect towards our partners. We create strong ties, on a journey that justifies the effort to establish Greek beer as a top choice, both within Greece as well as internationally.
  • Honesty in our relationships

Following 30 years of presence in the Greek market, we have created an extensive network of partners with strong links among its members and relationships of trust and reliability. Our company proudly contributes to decentralised development. Based in Atalanti, in the heart of Greece, it supports the local community practically, it stimulates its commercial and business activity and continuously creates direct and indirect jobs.
  • Boldness in innovation

We monitor trends, we lead developments and constantly look for methods to meet the real needs of consumers and our customers. For us, innovation is linked not only to the continuous evolution of the development process, but also to the unquenchable motivation to create new, original beer recipes, to test new ingredients and to broaden the horizons of the Greek brewing industry. In this direction, in 2015 we invested in the most modern aluminium can packaging line in South-east Europe, ensuring that our products retain their characteristics unchanged throughout their lifetime, exactly as they are when they leave the factory. Furthermore, with a view to our industry’s future, in collaboration with the Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we created the innovative three-year programme for the certification of new brewers and maltsters, through the system of Dual Training. It is the first time in Greece that a certification is available for the speciality of Brewers-Maltsters and that working in the beer industry is becoming attractive, with serious advancement prospects.
  • Persistence in extroversion

We claim space for Greek beers both on a national and an international level! With an eye to international business, we successfully export our products to all five continents. Recognising foreign interest in quality Greek products and the excellent potential of beer in international markets, we make sure to supply top beer products that create added value for the Greek export activity, while at the same time enhancing the reputation of Greek products in the consciousness of consumers worldwide.
  • Faith in our homeland

The Greek and Mediterranean culinary cultures are characterised by the distinct composition of flavours and aromas that stem from extensive history and cultural uniqueness, the fertile soil and the geopolitical diversity of our homeland. Having profound faith in our country and its unique history, the Greek land is a source of inspiration for us and we honour it with every beer we produce. We respect its characteristics and distinctive qualities, we integrate them in our products’ flavours and aromas, and we proudly share them with beer lovers in Greece and abroad.
  • Passion for beer

The values of the Hellenic Brewery of Atalanti make up our identity, our philosophy and our vision. All nine determine our operation and are equally present in our DNA, however, one of them is our driving force that unites us and takes us forward, our “Passion for beer”!